Contract Compliance Management

How to Manage Contract Compliance with CobbleStone Software

(This post was originally published April 24, 2017. Updated May 29, 2018) Tackling your biggest Contract Compliance problems, all in one software solution. Managing contract compliance can be tough. It […]

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CobbleStones Contract Insight Enterprise Upgrade

CobbleStone Introduces Enhanced Design and Improved Features in Contract Insight Version 17

CobbleStone Systems is happy to announce a new user interface update to Contract Insight Enterprise Software with Version 17 of the industry leading solution. The update will provide our clients […]

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Implementing your new contract software solution

Implement Contract Software Like A Pro

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-implementation-process Deploying and implementing a contract software system can be a challenge for any organization. You’ve completed your search for the best […]

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contract software PO management

How to Gain Efficiencies with Contract Insight’s Purchase Orders

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-purchase-orders-module-benefits Have a pile of purchase orders sitting on your desk or scattered through multiple spread sheets? Drop the hassle with a […]

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contract reporting for legal administrators

Ad-Hoc and Custom Report Designer in Contract Insight

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-ad-hoc-and-custom-reporting-in-contract-insight Find yourself searching for the same information over and over again in your contract management software? Consider creating a report or […]

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Contract Insight Express, Workgroup, and Enterprise

Choosing the Best Edition of Contract Insight for your Organization

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-contract-insight-editions CobbleStone Systems Contract Insight contract management software is designed to help legal, sales, risk, compliance and procurement professionals manage contracts easier. […]

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Automated workflow in a contract management system

Four Benefits of Automated Workflow in a Contract Management System

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-automated-workflow Creating a contract is not typically a cut and dry process. A contract may have to complete many internal processes before completion. […]

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eSignature with CobbleStone Systems

The Benefits of CobbleStone’s Contract Insight eSign Options

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-e-sign Electronic signature is not a new concept in business practice. In fact telegraph signatures were once legally acceptable. Times have changed, […]

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How and Why Did Contract Management Software Arise?

Click to download a PDF version of this article: contract-management-software-origins-of-contract-management-software-blog-post Written by Chris Bejsiuk, Marketing/Sales at CobbleStone Systems Corp. Do you remember the days where there wasn’t sufficient technology to make […]

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Lost Contracts? Not Anymore!

Click to download a PDF version of this article: contract-management-software-lost-contracts-not-anymore Demolishing filing cabinets. Ripping out drawers. Rummaging through mountains of papers. Scanning your calendars for expiration dates. I’m sure you’ve managed […]

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