CobbleStones Contract Insight Enterprise Upgrade

CobbleStone Introduces Enhanced Design and Improved Features in Contract Insight Version 17

CobbleStone Systems is happy to announce a new user interface update to Contract Insight Enterprise Software with Version 17 of the industry leading solution. The update will provide our clients […]

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Implementing your new contract software solution

Implement Contract Software Like A Pro

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-implementation-process Deploying and implementing a contract software system can be a challenge for any organization. You’ve completed your search for the best […]

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contract software PO management

How to Gain Efficiencies with Contract Insight’s Purchase Orders

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-purchase-orders-module-benefits Have a pile of purchase orders sitting on your desk or scattered through multiple spread sheets? Drop the hassle with a […]

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contract reporting for legal administrators

Ad-Hoc and Custom Report Designer in Contract Insight

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-ad-hoc-and-custom-reporting-in-contract-insight Find yourself searching for the same information over and over again in your contract management software? Consider creating a report or […]

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Contract Insight Express, Workgroup, and Enterprise

Choosing the Best Edition of Contract Insight for your Organization

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-contract-insight-editions CobbleStone Systems Contract Insight contract management software is designed to help legal, sales, risk, compliance and procurement professionals manage contracts easier. […]

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Automated workflow in a contract management system

Four Benefits of Automated Workflow in a Contract Management System

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-automated-workflow Creating a contract is not typically a cut and dry process. A contract may have to complete many internal processes before completion. […]

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eSignature with CobbleStone Systems

The Benefits of CobbleStone’s Contract Insight eSign Options

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-e-sign Electronic signature is not a new concept in business practice. In fact telegraph signatures were once legally acceptable. Times have changed, […]

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Contract Compliance Management

How to Manage Contract Compliance with CobbleStone Software

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-contract-compliance Here at CobbleStone Systems our software, Contract Insight, stores and manages relevant data and documents for all your organization’s contracts. We […]

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How and Why Did Contract Management Software Arise?

Click to download a PDF version of this article: contract-management-software-origins-of-contract-management-software-blog-post Written by Chris Bejsiuk, Marketing/Sales at CobbleStone Systems Corp. Do you remember the days where there wasn’t sufficient technology to make […]

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Lost Contracts? Not Anymore!

Click to download a PDF version of this article: contract-management-software-lost-contracts-not-anymore Demolishing filing cabinets. Ripping out drawers. Rummaging through mountains of papers. Scanning your calendars for expiration dates. I’m sure you’ve managed […]

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