Managing Software License Agreements

Software License Agreements: Reduce the Risk and Take Control

Business software plays a critical role in any organization and is the foundation for doing business in today’s economy.  Companies typically rely on leading software products such as e-commerce software, […]

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How Mass eSignatures Save Time

How Mass eSignatures Boost Healthcare Compliance & Efficiency

Within the healthcare industry, keeping documents and files up-to-date is crucial to staying compliant. Healthcare agencies, including the FDA, NHS, and Health Canada, are continually checking up on hospitals, physician’s […]

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Business Process Automation

How Business Process Automation Will Improve Your Workplace

How Business Process Automation is Being Used Today Many workplace processes are repetitive and time-consuming, leaving employees minimal time to focus on improving their organization.  It has been found that […]

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CobbleStone Software Blog Recap for August 2018

Contract Management is evolving daily through digital transformation, industry demands, and regulatory updates. Stay in-the-know with this month’s Contract Management blog recap for August 2018. Contract Analytics and Reporting Mastery: […]

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Close more deals in 2018 with sell-side contract mangagement software

Back from the Beach: Close More Sales in Q4 with Sell-Side Contract Management

Summer is coming to an end. You’ve experienced just enough rest, relaxation, sun, and sand to help you clear your head and get you inspired to return to the office […]

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Sometimes Walking Away from Your Contract Software is the best route

4 Signs It’s Time to Walk Away from Your Contract Management Software

Did We Choose the Wrong Contract Management Software Provider? Your organization invested in contract management software to effectively manage the contract lifecycle with less overwhelm, more automation, more visibility, and […]

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3 Critical Reports for Contact Management Mastery

Contract Analytics and Reporting Mastery: 3 Critical Reports

How can contract analytics and reports improve your contract management strategy?  The key to successfully managing contracts is leveraging contract management software to increase visibility, reduce risk, reveal opportunities, and […]

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Better Procurement with Contract Management

6 Ways to Maximize Procurement Productivity with a Contract Database

Although an essential facet of running a business, managing contracts without a contract database can be a time-consuming headache. With so many different contracts with vendors, and service companies, it […]

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Contract Management for DBE

5 Ways Better Contract Management Improves DBE Vendor Tracking

DBE supplier tracking becomes easier when the right tools are in place. Whether you’re a local municipality, city, state, or federal agency, chances are you have a goal defined for […]

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Try E-Signature Software for Documents

3 Ways Electronic Signatures Improve Contract Management

Electronic signatures are not new to contract management but you may be skeptical of the validity compared to a wet signature. Rest-assured, electronic signatures are just as binding as hand […]

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