Maisie Brooks is a Marketing Coordinator for CobbleStone Software, specializing in Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management and eProcurement.
Contract Analytics & Reports

Contract Analytics and Reporting Mastery: 3 Critical Reports

How can contract analytics and reports improve your contract management strategy?  The key to successfully managing contracts is leveraging contract management software to increase visibility, reduce risk, reveal opportunities, and […]

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Try E-Signature Software for Documents

3 Ways Electronic Signatures Improve Contract Management

Electronic signatures are not new to contract management but you may be skeptical of the validity compared to a wet signature. Rest-assured, electronic signatures are just as binding as hand […]

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Understanding SOX

Understanding How Sarbanes-Oxley Influences Contract Management

Effectively knowing what Sarbanes-Oxley is and how it affects your contract management process. What is Sarbanes-Oxley? The Sarbanes-Oxley Act or SOX was an act that was passed in 2002 by […]

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