Contract Database for Improved Procurement

6 Ways to Maximize Procurement Productivity with a Contract Database

Although an essential facet of running a business, managing contracts without a contract database can be a time-consuming headache. With so many different contracts with vendors, and service companies, it […]

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Contract Management Software Solution

Reduce Contractual Risk Through Contract Management

Legal contracts are the foundation for companies of every size in every industry, with your business being no exception. Contracts are the written handshake that solidifies your relationship and outlines […]

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Contact Management Performance Metrics

4 Important Performance Metrics for Contract Management

When managing contracts, performance monitoring is one of the most important ways to ensure your success. With a large variety of contracts, all with different terms, it can be difficult […]

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University contract professionals benefit from a Contract Management Software Solution

Contract Management Software for Higher Education

Click to download a PDF version of this article: Contract Management Software for Higher Education Colleges and universities draft, negotiate, and approve a myriad of contracts with vendors, partners, suppliers, and […]

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Contract Database

How Does Contract Management Software Help Organizations Save Money and Improve Efficiency?

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-save-money-and-improve-efficiency No matter the industry your organization is in, contracts are a major component of daily operations. Contracts are created for business […]

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Contract Management Security

Maintain Security and Experience Other Benefits When You Use Contract Management Software

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-contract-management-software-security Contracts are a part of doing business. Whether we’re referring to a contract with a supplier, an employee, or a […]

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Features of Agreement Management Software

What Core Features Should You Look for in a Contract Management Software System?

Click to download a PDF version of this article: cobblestone-what-core-features-should-you-look-for-in-a-contract-management-software-system-blog-post Contract management software is a must for many different industries. Before the development of contract management software systems, everything was done […]

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Contract Insight Enterprise, Express, and Workgroup

Contract Insight, Contract Management Software

About CobbleStone Systems CobbleStone Systems Corp. is a leading provider of advanced Contract Lifecycle Management Software and complimentary solutions to customers spanning the globe. Contract Management Software solutions are our specialty. […]

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